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53g(with plastic case)

10.8cm(4.25") tall

diameter 6cm(2.36")


"嬉撰" 80本立茶筌 「嬉撰の茶筌」奈良県高山 中田商店


Chasen is one of the tea utensils used for preparing powdered green tea in the Japanese tea ceremony.

The chasen with fewer, and thus thicker, bristles is more elastic, while an increased number of bristles makes the chasen finer.

The bristles vary in number from 16 to 120 according to the intended use, and the standard chasen has 64 bristles.


The chasen is an special product from Takayama, Nara prefecture, where it is regarded as a traditional craft from the area. Takayama has a long history of making Chasens-from the mid-Muromachi era-and it is now the only place in Japan that still makes them.



                              「茶筌の嬉撰」(株式会社中田喜造商店) websiteより

Nakata Kizo, whisk maker and bamboo craftsman. In 1975 he founded the Nakata Kizo cooperation in Takayama.

Presently, about half of Japan's whisks are produced by his company.

"Chasen" bamboo tea whisk with 80 outer-side bristles, made by “Nakata Kisen”

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