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Let us help you if you are looking for lesson tools for either!

We runs a school of Chadō /cha-no-yu (Japanese tea ceremony) and IKEBANA (Japanese flower arrangement) at our place in Tokyo, Japan.


The house we grew up in was (and still is) a school for both Chadō and IKEBANA. 

We still wears kimono's regularly as part of our normal lifestyle-often for work.

All the items in our shop are old kimono textiles and other Japanese goods that used to belong to our family (grandmother, mother and her sisters etc.) and friends, and have always been kept at our house.

We hope these kimono textiles and accessories find a new home and become a special part of your life wherever you are.

We had no idea how popular Chadō was until we started this shop. Our customers tell us how it's appreciated  in each country  -- we find those stories very interesting.  

We learned that people have trouble finding accessaries for tea ceremony -- they have only limited kinds of kaishi paper, consumable items and other small, but convenient accessaries -- so we started selling those items at the shop.

If you are looking for

any Japanese goods, or

simply interested in them,

we are happy to hear from you.