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03.Ume(plum tree) × Purple.Sakura

For enjoying Wagashi sweets & Matcha green tea, has Kaishi, Ryusanshi, Kuromoji wagashi pick.


17.3cm(6.89") × 10.5cm(4.13")   80g
Bokusai-ga (colored paintings in Suiboku-ga) Washi Case

inner pocket(for used kaishi and sweetspick)  16cm(6.3") × 4.5cm(1.78") × 2

"Plain kaishi paper for men"  

17.5cm(6.89") × 20.6cm(8.11")  30 pieces

"Ryu-san-shi (water repellency paper for wet sweets )"  

14.5cm(5.7") × 17.5cm(6.89") 4sheets

Please put it between kaishi paper.

"Kuromoji (Japanese sweets pick)"  9cm(3.54")
This wooden sticks known as kuromoji are made from a linear tree (kuromoji tree in Japanese) and its bark, branches and leaves have a nice fragrance.
They are used as fork or cutting knife to eat Wagashi (Japanese sweets). 
Before using, please soak them in water for 10mins then dry with a towel. 
Water will make the color and fragrance stronger. 
When they are too dry, they might bent.  
To avoid mold, please do not soak in water too long and make sure to dry well.

05.Large Kaishi washi Purse with Kuromoji sweetspick, bokusai-ga print, for MEN

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