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8.2g (with paper box  54g) 

15cm(5.9inch) × 15.5cm(6.1inch)



KOBUKUSA is square of classic patterned textile, and the tool of Japanese tea ceremony.


"Shikami-choujumon-nishiki" pattern

This is the famous pattern said to be worn by Toyotomi Hideyoshi on his jinbaori, a sleeveless campaign jacket worn over armour. Originally, it is believed, that this pattern came from carpets or tapestry woven in the Persia area  in 16th century. The patterns of lions attacking their prey are related to the art the Scythians created.    


Tatsumura Textile Co., Ltd. that is specialized in restoration and the reconstruction of the ancient textile, meibutsugire.

the company has a long history being established in 1894.

Silk KOBUKUSA, the Lion biting Animals pattern, TATSUMURA textiles, unused

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