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8.2g (with paper box  73g) 

15cm(5.9inch) × 15.5cm(6.1inch)



KOBUKUSA is square of classic patterned textile, and the tool of Japanese tea ceremony.


Takarazukushi with Boar auspicious pattern

"Takarazukushi" is an auspicious pattern that has all kinds of treasures on it. It is appreciated in order to bring happiness, wealth and prosperity. This particular pattern is rare in that it also has boars on it--a sign in the Chinese zodiac.


During the Edo era, many Nohgaku costumes were brought to the Ii family, a feudal lord of the Hikone region.

This fabric is wove with the inspiration of these beautiful Nohgaku costumes.   



Silk KOBUKUSA, Takarazukushi with Boar, auspicious pattern, unused

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