sweets pick holder 9.2cm(3.6") × 2cm(0.79")

plastic sweets pick "Kashi-Youji" 8.5cm(3.35")
It is used as knife or fork to eat Wagashi (Japanese sweets). 


1. silver,  pine bark lozenge "Matsukawahishi" pattern × purple.

2. blue, the crest of chrysanthemums × purple.

3. blue,  luck-bringing items "Takarazukushi" pattern × purple.

4. green, emblems × purple.

5. ivory, bells and braid  × red.

6. red, flowers of Rimpa 1  × brown.

7. red, flowers of Rimpa 2  × brown.

8. red,  diamond divided into four parts "Yotsubishi" and emblems × red.


Japanese Sweets pick "Kashi-Youji" with Holder Case