15.3g with box 48g

6.5cm(2.56") × 11cm(4.33") × 0.6cm(0.24")

pocket 5cm(1.97")× 11cm(4.33")

inner Loop Leather Keychain

Blue deerskin & Pink Japanese "urushi" lacquer


"Kawari-Kiku-Karakusa" (unique Chrysanthemum and Arabesque)  pattern

Chrysanthemum motif was an auspicious omen motif.

Arabesque was considered to be a highly auspicious omen for longevity, fertility, and family prosperity due to its endless rambling behavior.


"INDEN" is traditional Japanese handcrafts product of deerskin which has pattern painted with Japanese lacquer "urushi".
It is light and strong leather.
This item was made by INDEN-YA, which was established in 1582.



INDEN coin Purse with pocket, Blue deerskin & Pink "urushi" lacquer, unused