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H. 5cm(1.97"),    diameter 5.5cm(2.16")  96g     

1980's vintage beautiful condition


Futaoki, one of the tea ceremony utensil, is a rest on which the lid of the iron tea pot or the dipper end of the water ladle is placed.


Rakuyaki is a handmade soft-type glazed ceramic ware formed and fired without using electric or a kicking potter's wheel.    

It was Rikyu Senno who first had an idea of Rakuyaki and it was created into and actual form by Chojiro at the end of 16th century in Kyoto.


This Futaoki was made by Raku-nyu-gama(楽入窯) founded by the master of traditional crafts, Yoshimura Rakunyu.

 楽入窯 website →

Futaoki, Lid/Hishaku rest, Akaraku ware, ancient Kanji "Bird" ideograph,

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